10 Reasons To Go To Phu Quoc

As if you needed another reason to holiday on an idyllic island paradise, here are our Top 10 Reasons to Visit Phu Quoc.

1. Beautiful Beaches With Character

Even if you visited a different beach every day for a week, there’d still be beautiful beaches left to explore. From picture-perfect Bai Sao on the island’s east coast with its powdery white sand and clear, gentle waters, to the secluded beaches of Ganh Dau in the island’s north, to busy Bai Truong with its cafes and relaxed eateries, there’s a beach for everyone on Phu Quoc.

2. Easy Accessibility

Just a 50-minute plane ride from Ho Chi Minh City or a comfortable 1.5 – 2.5 hour ferry ride from Rach Gia or Ha Tien on the Vietnamese mainland, a Phu Quoc holiday is within easy reach for anyone.

3. Eats

The Phu Quoc Night Market in Duong Dong has many stalls and restaurants serving up fresh seafood cooked just the way you want it. Foodies will also want to try other specialties that the island is known for including raw herring salad, grilled sea urchin topped with scallion oil, and sea cucumber soup.

4. Take a Hike

While Phu Quoc’s beaches are undeniably the star, the island’s other natural sites deserve some exploring, including taking nature walks in the island’s heavily forested interior or taking a refreshing dip in its waterfalls.

5. Local

Other than tourism, the island’s main industries are farming and fishing. Whether on organized tours or on your own, pepper farms, sim (rose myrtle) wine factories and laid-back fishing villages are just waiting to be discovered.

6. Island Hopping

The Phu Quoc archipelago is made up of 22 islands, many of them pristine and uninhabited. There are a variety of island tours available ranging from budget tours (less than USD 25) which include snorkeling and island hopping to private day trips to your very own secluded island complete with a chef and attending staff.

7. Max Relax

A holiday in Phu Quoc is perfect for breaking up a longer trip. The island has a relaxed vibe where visitors can do as much or as little as they choose. Most beachfront hotels in Duong Dong are tucked away down little lanes for the ultimate in peace and quiet.

8. Unique History

Phu Quoc has an interesting history, providing shelter for King Gia Long in the mid-18th century from Tay Son rebels and acting as a prison under French colonial rule and during the Vietnam War. Known colloquially as the Coconut Tree Prison, it can still be visited today.

9. Visa Exemptions for Everyone!

All nationalities are granted a free 30-day visa exemption if arriving in Phu Quoc from a country other than Vietnam, eg. on an international flight or cruise, and not traveling to the Vietnamese mainland.

10. Stay in an Indochine-inspired Mansion by the Sea

While accommodations on Phu Quoc range from small guesthouses and budget accommodations near the beach, the 5-star La Veranda Resort is a truly unique experience, featuring a seaside mansion which houses the fine dining restaurant and lounge with live music, as well as intimate bungalows right on its own stretch of beach just minutes from the airport, night market and the town of Duong Dong.