Vietnam Travel Guide

Vietnam is a stunningly beautiful and diverse country which provides value for money. Here are our Top 10 tips for an enjoyable trip to Vietnam. 1. SIM cards with internet access are cheap. Do yourself a favor and buy a SIM card as soon as you arrive. Ask the shop owner to help sign you up for internet access. It’s not difficult, but the process is in Vietnamese which can be tricky. Unlimited internet access can be had for as little as VND 50-70,000 per month. 2. Bottled water is cheap, so avoid tap water if possible. Most ice is made from clean water – look for ice with a hole in the middle which shows that it was made in a proper factory. Ragged chunks of ice mean it was cut from a large block which may not be as sanitary. 3. Until your stomach is used to traveling, stay away from raw herbs, greens and pre-cut fruit. The water used to wash these items may not be clean. 4. Vietnam is a relatively safe country with few guns. However, pickpocketing and crimes of opportunity (eg. purse snatching) do occur. Leave your valuables locked up at your hotel and be careful when using your phone or expensive camera in public. 5. If you do stay out late and have had something to drink, ask a sober friend to help you make it back to your hotel safely. Drunk tourists late at night make for a tempting target. 6. When crossing the street, walk slowly so drivers can avoid you. Some locals raise one hand up high so as to be more visible in heavy traffic. 7. Always ask the price beforehand. This goes for taxis, xe om, and even street food. 8. When eating street food, look for stalls with high turnover, meaning the food is fresh. Check that the vendor wears gloves when handling food. 9. Limes are often on the table as a condiment. Squeeze a bit of lime juice over your utensils and wipe dry if you feel the utensils may not be clean. 10. When shopping, don’t touch anything or ask about prices if you do not intend to buy. This may anger the sellers, especially if it’s early in the morning. Expect to bargain on souvenirs and clothing, but do so with a smile.